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Pump-n-Seal Home Vacuum Sealing - Bonus Package!

Pump-n-Seal Home Vacuum Sealing - Bonus Package!
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Pump and Seal vacuum food saver is the only vacuum packing food system that uses ordinary zipper-locking bags (not special FoodSaver bags) and ordinary glass jars as food storage containers. The Pump N Seal food saver vacuum sealer works by permanently vacuum packing food in a commercial strength vacuum, using the same jar and lid hundreds of times.

The Pump-N-Seal permanently seals many food storage containers including ordinary jars, Ball Mason jars, wine bottles and coffee cups. It is also a vacuum bag sealer. This vacuum food sealer and marinating kitchen appliance preserves freshness of coffee, cookies, fruit, meat, etc. Great for marinating steak!

The PUMP-N-SEAL food saver and vacuum sealer, preserves freshness, flavor, nutrients, color, and prevents rancidity and freezer burn. Pump-N-Seal marinating system, also marinates food in seconds/minutes in its powerful vacuum. With the bag attachment, the Pump-N-Seal ® vacuum food sealer, seals ordinary zipper locking bags. No expensive jars, bags, batteries, or electricity needed. Compact and completely portable. More powerful and faster than $300 electric sealers/marinators. Vacuum sealed zipper locking bags are ready for the freezer or microwave. Ordinary jars are permanently vacuum sealed with the reusable Tab-Chek valves. The Pump-N-Seal Tab-Cheks are small check valves that permanently seal, in seconds, a commercial quality vacuum in jars, bottles, cups, cans, canisters, pots, pans, and bowls over and over again.

* 1 PUMP-N-SEAL unit
* 100 Tab-Chek valves + 50 bonus Tab-Checks!
* Hole Punch
* Bag Attachment
* Foam Block
* Bonus Instruction Video

This table is a comparison between various vacuum food savers, food storage containers, vacuum packers, vacuum sealers and marinating steak kitchen appliances: The PumpNSeal out performs all vacuum food sealers, vacuum food storage containers and vacuum packing food kitchen appliances including the Tilia FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal III, Deni Keystone Freshlock Vac Sealer, Hamilton Beach Vac-U-Pac, and the Decosonics Pak'n Save.


SPACE (sq in)
Pump-N-Seal® 28+ inches Hg
(over 30 times more powerful than most below)
$62.90 with optional Bowl-Seal*
Ordinary jars, or canning jars, ordinary freezer bags or heat sealable bags, wine bottles, coffee mugs, pots, pans, bowls & more Less than 3

(zero if stored in utensil drawer)

FoodSaver (Tilia) less than 24 inches Hg $200 to $300 Expensive special bags and special containers only. 80+
Pak'n Save (Decosonics) less than 1 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Vac-U-Pac (Hamilton Beach) less than 1 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Freshlock Vac Sealer (Deni/Keystone) less than 1 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Seal-A-Meal III (Dazey) less than 1 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
z Being that we often buy in bulk, the pump-n-seal has quickly become a favorite in our kitchen. I use pump-n-seal for everything from coffee, to home-dried apples and granola, to bulk nuts and flours. I have found my "over-stash" of glass jars quickly being put to use! I love this system for freezing items also, to cut down on freezer burn. This has quickly become one of the most used items in my kitchen. I especially love about it that it doesn't require expensive bags and paraphenilia; a one-time low-cost price, and you are set for many years to come. Not only does the Pump-n-Seal comes with a generous 100 seals, but these seals are also re-useable! So unless you are using more than 100 jars at one time, this should last you for a long, long time. (Note: For best results, we do recommend that you use *new* canning jar lids. Being quite "thrifty", I originally tried to use up some of my stash of used canning jar lids; but I found that, over time, the results with used canning jars was unreliable. Several times I found that one of the jars sealed this way had actually unsealed itself. Since I have started using new canning lids, I have not had a problem with jars unsealing. Canning lids are so inexpensive (and readily available at any grocery store or Wal-Mart), that I determined that the small "savings" in in using used lids just wasn't worth the risk and hassle of my jars unsealing.)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Incredible Device.....Great Value!I have been using my Pump-n-Seal for several years for everything in my kitchen. I also have a FoodSaver but find that I am hesitant to use it due to the expensive bags that I must purchase. Storage of dried fruits & veggies is much more efficient and they last longer with the Pump-n-Seal. The process couldn't be easier. I can grab the unit and seal a jar in seconds instead of having to "set up" a machine. It is an ESSENTIAL kitchen tool that saves time and money. Written by C. Scheel on Sat 9 Oct 2010 2:29:12 PM GMT
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