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NeemAura Naturals - Neem Triple Potency Organic Extract (1 oz)

NeemAura Naturals - Neem Triple Potency Organic Extract (1 oz)
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This is a triple potency extract compound. Neem is an extremely powerful herb and should be used with care. Neem is considered to be the miracle herb, with a history of use in the going back almost 5000 years. Modern scientific research is validating many of the traditional uses of this herb. Neem supports the functioning of the immune system and acts as a tonic/blood cleanser. India has approved its use to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels based on scientific evidence.

Suggested Use
Shake Well Before Using. As a dietary supplement take 5-10 drops 3x per day. May be diluted and used as a mouthwash or applied topically on the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Neem leaf liquid extract, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, water.
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