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NeemAura Naturals - Neem Seed Topical Oil (1 oz)

NeemAura Naturals -  Neem Seed Topical Oil (1 oz)
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Concentrated, 100% pure virgin cold pressed wildcrafted Neem Oil. NeemAura Naturals imports the finest quality Neem oil with a measured azadirachtin content in excess of 1500 ppm. Neem Seed Topical Oil can be used either full strength or added to shampoo, lotions or creams to enhance the neem action on the skin. Neem Oil disinfects and heals cuts and scrapes, while the natural essential fatty acids in Neem Oil help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. Neem Oil has been found useful for a number of skin and scalp concerns such as athletes foot, nail fungus, and insect bites. Note that pure Neem oil has a distinctive odor and due to its natural high fatty acid content should be kept above 80 degrees to liquefy.

Suggested Use:
Apply sparingly several times a day to affected skin. You may also add it to your favorite shampoo, massage oil or lotion.
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