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Fast Cooking in a Slow Cooker Every Day of the Year

Fast Cooking in a Slow Cooker Every Day of the Year
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300 low fat, cholesterol-free vegetarian recipes designed to fit most any size cooker. Simple, yet perfect baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans. Delicious lasagna, non-dairy macaroni and cheese, and scalloped potatoes. Wire bound, 8 1/2 x 11, 144 pages

z I bought this cookbook with our vegetarian uncle in mind, figuring I would at least get a few new meals from it to cook for him. But I ended up finding so much more in this little cookbook! In fact, I found a whole new method of cooking! While I have had a crockpot for years, and have used it for traditional crockpot meals like roasts and turkey breasts, by the time I had read through this cookbook and tried a few of the recipes, I realized what a time saver crocks can actually be ... and an energy saver, too. (My husband used a kill-a-watt meter and found that our crockpots used between 120 watts to 280 watts--much, much less than using an electric oven or microwave!) And with all the methods of crockpot cooking this cookbook introduced me to--bread baking, corn on the cob and scalloped potatoes to name just a few--I soon found reason to purchase two new crockpots (of two different sizes) to join the crockpot that had mostly sat on my shelf until now. I love the flexibility crockpot cooking gives me, and I find that we are less inclined to grab fast-food out when we have a busy day. Additionally, the vegetarian recipes in this book were surprisingly tasty--even for those of us who prefer to eat "real" meat and potatoes. While this cookbook doesn't have nearly as many recipes as some crockpot cookbooks, and our family does not intend to eat completely vegetarian, I found the methods and ideas in this book inspiring and easily adapted to more-traditional recipes.
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