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Ways to Wear a Pashmina


The ways to wear a Pashmina are nearly endless, limited only by your creativity and imagination. Below are just a few of the ways you can wear a Pashmina:

  • As a Shawl: Drape the Pashmina over your shoulders, bringing the ends together in the front. You can either fasten the ends together

    with a knot, or with a scarf clip. You can also bring the ends around to the back, under your armpits, and tie in a knot. The Shawl method of wearing a Pashmina is great for those cool nights out, or as a stylish added measure of warmth in an office with air-conditioning.

  • As a Reverse Shawl: Follow the steps above, only reverse it so that the ends hang down in the back. You can add an additional Cameo or brooch to the front to give it a very elegant look.
  • As a Shoulder Sash: Similar to the two versions above, only move the Pashmina so that it is off-center and the ends drape over one shoulder. This is one of my favorite ways.
  • As a Neck Accent: There are several ways to wear a Pashmina as a neck accent. You can simply wrap it around your neck once and let the ends hang down in front, or wrap it one-and-a-half times and let the ends hang down in the back. You can also wrap the Pashmina two full times and tuck the remaining ends of the Pashmina into the two loops you made around your neck. This is a very stylish way to keep your neck warm on cold days. Another popular way to wear a Pashmina around the neck is called a "Noose Wrap". Grasp the Pashmina in the middle so that both ends hang down equally. Bring it up around your neck, so that with one hand you are holding it at the place in the middle, and with the other hand you have the two loose ends. Tuck the two loose ends through the "loop" that you made when you grasped the Pashmina in the middle. Pull to desired tightness.
  • As a Belt: Pashminas make very stylish belts. You can fasten with a belt clip, or just tie in a knot.
  • As a Head Scarf: You can wear the Pashmina "Babushka Style", "Bandana Style," or folded so that it is a type of head band.

Don't be afraid to experiment! You will soon find that a Pashmina is one of the most versatile and lovely accessories in your wardrobe! With minimal storage space, Pashminas can easily change the look of your outfits to make it look as though you have a whole additional closet-full of clothes!

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