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Dried Burdock Leaves (1/4 pound)

Dried Burdock Leaves (1/4 pound)
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Burdock leaves come in handy for pain management and speed healing time for burns greatly. It eases dressing changes and seems to impede bacterial growth on the wound site and it also provides a great moisture barrier. There are testimonies of those who have used Burdock Leaves for burns that the Burdock Leaf dressings could be changed without morphine or pain management. This is very important. Pain medication, though sometimes necessary, really slows the body’s ability to make new skin cells. That is why burdock and B&W salve are such a blessing. They make it possible to dress burns without much, or any pain medication. Another benefit of Burdocks leaves is that they get HUGE: a large leaf can cover a small child’s back in one application.
When you study the burdock plant you will discover that it is a mild blood purifier and helps the liver rebuild and is useful in burns. No one says why it is useful in burns. It is suspected that this same component that rebuilds cells in the liver, also stimulates cell growth in the wound area. This action would indeed reduce pain.
With dried Burdock Leaves, you are able to conveniently store the leaves until you need them and then rehydrate them using the following method:
Bring water to boil in a large kettle. When the water is boiling turn off the heat. Carefully lower the leaf into the water and let it hydrate. When it turns a nice green, dip it out gently and lay it flat on a sheet of paper towel or Chux pad. Fold that pad in half and lay your hydrated leaves on this, side by side. I am speaking of how you would do if you had a large area to cover. Now, spread your B&W salve thickly over the burned area and place a wet leaf over the salve.
This leaf will help to keep in the moisture and fight bacteria and relieve pain. We like to put a sterile ABD pad over the leaf and then wrap the area with rolled gauze. The end result is a neat looking, padded bandage which really protects the burn.
PLEASE NOTE: Dried Burdock Leaves are very light, so 1/4 pound is a significant amount of leaves!
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